BlueRock Energy Services rigs have been built to ensure that safety, reliability, and reduced downtime are our biggest priorities.

BlueRock Rig 8

Built by Foremost Industries, BlueRock Rig 8 is a 1,200m stiff single. It moves quickly and has a small footprint. It is capable of operating independently without the need for a third-party coring unit.

Schematic   Rig Specs

BlueRock Rig 10

Rig 10 is a Schramm TXD-A drilling rig. It is slant capable and is able to hit any angle required from 0-45 degrees. Its small footprint and compact mast makes it ideal for those looking for a fast moving and fast drilling rig. Drilling & tripping operations can be done hands free, making it very safe to work on.

Schematic   Rig Specs